Bailey-Harris Construction

Auburn University – Miller Poultry Center

The Poultry Research Farm Unit Relocation will construct the new Phase III Processing Plant, including an 18,800 SF building dedicated to the advancement of research and educational efforts related to poultry food safety, food quality, animal welfare, processing efficiency and other areas of study related to Poultry Science. Phase IV will include multiple pen-houses, hatchery, battery house, chamber house, breeder house and various ancillary buildings. It is anticipated that facilities constructed in Phase IV will add approximately 102,000 SF. Phase V will demolish the existing 20 buildings located in the Auburn University Research Park. If construction costs are favorable and the total project budget allows, the project will also include Phase VI. This phase proposes to construct approximately 57,000 SF to include an aviary house, a second chamber facility and two additional pen-houses.
Completion: Fall 2020
Contract: $22,000,000
Delivery: Hard Bid