Bailey-Harris Construction

EAMC LDR & C-Section Renovations

In August of 2017, Bailey-Harris began a $3.3 million renovation of existing patient rooms and other areas at East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC) in Opelika, Alabama, to create space for a new surgical C-Section room, associated recovery rooms, and a new labor and delivery suite (LDRs). This project immediately followed the completed construction of the pediatrics relocation renovation. The new LDRs replaced the old pediatric patient rooms.

The additional LDRs and new C-Section O.R. were of critical importance for the hospital due to the frequent high volume of patients. Often, two expecting mothers required C-sections simultaneously. Before the completion of the new C-Section and its associated recovery rooms, one of the mothers would have to be taken to a different operating room on a separate floor in the building. The LDRs often reached capacity for the number of patients they could accommodate, sometimes requiring expecting mothers to travel to different hospitals than they had planned. Also, the new LDRs are each equipped to accommodate infant triplets. This is an upgrade from other patient rooms.