Bailey-Harris Construction


Joe Lankford

Facilities Development Construction Manager, East Alabama Medical Center

Occupied renovations are always challenging, but hospital settings offer unique opportunities to overcome…Bailey-Harris seamlessly maneuvered around these obstacles, all while successfully maintaining a tight project schedule and delivering an invaluable project to EAMC.

Robert Abrams

CEO, CV Holdings LLC

Our firms have been working together for over twenty years and this most recent product reminds us why… you guys do it right in every arena.

Dimitri Polizos

Commissioner, Montgomery County Commission

The name of Bailey-Harris in this community is in excellent standing, and we would not hesitate to enter into any size contract with them in the future.

Andrew V. Sharpe, Jr.

Partner, Woodham & Sharpe Architects, P.A.

We have worked with Bailey-Harris in the past and I am glad to say the quality of reputation held true on Hillcrest Elementary School. We would be pleased to have their expertise on any of our projects in the future.

Sean M. Foote, A.I.A.

President, SR&F Architects

As architect for the project, I experienced firsthand the level of professionalism, experience, and customer care Bailey Harris maintained.

Keith Marbury

Vice President, Hardy Corporation

Bailey Harris has proven itself as a leader in the industry. Along with estimating, project management, and superior schedule of value credentials, they come highly recommended, not only by Hardy Corporation, but by other organizations throughout the Southeast area.

Evan P. Adams

President, AMCO, Inc.

If all prime contractors put forth the same effort Bailey Harris Construction did, with the same level of professionalism, treating everyone as if they are truly on the same team, the industry as a whole would be much better off.